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Trauma Treatment

Are you struggling to keep the past in the past? Feeling "haunted" by painful periods of your life? Trauma treatment is a collaborative process in which you work at your pace to make peace with your past in order to thrive in the present. 




Does relaxation feel like a very distant experience? If you do relax, do you feel like you don't know how you got there or how to get back reliably?

Heartmath biofeedback is a powerful tool to increase your ability to self soothe through a short session of technology based games and exercises. 


Are you struggling to find the time to do therapy due to time and travel limitations? Therapy can be just as effective from comfort of your home. All you need is a solid internet connection and private space. Call Empower to see if you are a good fit. 

Energetic healing

Are feeling disconnected from your body and experience? Do you feel stuck in ways that are hard to talk about? Reiki is a healing art that is gentle, soothing and encourage a sense of safety and growth. 

Group Therapy

Are you feeling isolated in your 

experience? Are you seeking in 

practicing your coping skills?

Find empathy and understanding through group therapy.

Fees for Services and Insurance 

First Choice Health, Premera, Medicare, Tricare and Direct Pay are currently accepted. Empower Therapy will  gladly provide documentation for out of network coverage. We will work with a sliding scale.  



50 Minute Psychotherapy (may include EMDR) Session  -  $145 

Traditional 90 min EMDR  Session - $185

Group Therapy Session-                      $40-60 

45 minute Reiki Session                      $90

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